For almost every manufacturing company, water is an important utility. For example; as a cooling medium, product water or dissolvent. All of these applications together fall under the term ‘process water’. More than 90% of process water is extracted from surface water in the Netherlands.

Industrial water treatments technologies

Deltapore can provide many different technologies that can be deployed to produce optimal process water from any water source. The technologies that we offer include: Filtration, Ion Exchange and Membrane Technology.

Sustainable solutions

Deltapore systems deliver the highest water quality with a focus on environmental-friendliness. How can we save energy? How to make systems more sustainable? How can we reduce the greenhouse effect? How can we reduce the use of chemicals? Such questions we ask ourselves constantly.
Water Treatment Systems of Deltapore: water quality, energy efficient and a reliable process.

Systems assortment

Water Treatment Systems of Deltapore: water quality, energy efficient and a reliable process.

Membrane Distillation


Membrane distillation uses hydrophobic membranes to separate pure distillate water from warm water. Water vapour is transported through the membrane due to a pressure difference caused by the difference in temperature.


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Reverse Osmose


Equipped with low energy 4’’ reverse osmosis membranes, the BiOsmeo RO systems are managed by an electronic controller which monitors the safety systems and the automatic fi lling of the permeate tank.


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Ultra Filtration


Developed, made and tested in France, the systems of Ultrafiltration Integraskid 55 offer a superior level of performance both from the point of view of efficiency and reliability.


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Ionen Exchange (IEX)


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Multimedia filtration


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