Ceramic Membranes

A unique product with unique features; hollow fiber ceramic membranes. The ceramic membranes are highly resistant to extreme pH, temperature and pressure conditions. This makes ceramic membranes suitable for many industrial applications.

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Membrane Distillation

Membrane distillation uses hydrophobic membranes to separate pure distillate water from warm water. Water vapour is transported through the membrane due to a pressure difference caused by the difference in temperature. Because the MD module houses a range of evaporation stages as part of an almost ideal counter-current flow process, a very high recovery of evaporation heat is possible.

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Filtration systems

Drukhuizen, filterkaarsen, actief koolfilters, zandfilters, zelfreinigende filters, multimedia filters of centrifugaal filters. Effectieve en economische filtratie-oplossingen voor elke toepassing in industriële waterbehandeling

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We have many years of experience in industrial water treatment. With our wide range of high-quality water treatment products we can provide the best solutions to our customers. Integrity and sustainability.

• Your partner for industrial water treatment
• Wide range of high-quality water treatment products
• Integrity and sustainability

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Together with you, the customer, determine the optimal water treatment for your system. We take your wishes as a starting point and then determine which sustainable solution is the most suitable. Technologies that we use are Ultrafiltration and Reverse osmosis.