Deltapore supplies filters for liquid filtration. Thanks to our substantial experience, we can always recommend a suitable filter for your process.

We always start by determining what kind and type of fouling has to be removed. If necessary, additional research is done to determine the nature of the pollution. On this basis, we can select the best solution.

Custom filters

We can supply standard filters from stock. If a standard is not possible, we will design a filter.

Range of liquid filtration filters

The broad Deltapore range enables us to offer a suitable solution for every requirement.


Stainless steel filter housing

Filter cartridges and bags

Cartridge filters and bag filters are available in various formats for liquid filtration. The right choice depends entirely on the process details. The cartridge filters that we can supply are: wire-wound, pleated, metal and polypropylene. Continue..

Stainless steel filter housing

Stainless steel filter housing

Stainless steel filter housings from 304 or 316L. The houses are suitable for 9 cartridges of 20, 30 or 40 inches. The filter housings comply with the European rules PED 97/23 / EC. Continue

Plastic filter housing

Plastic filter housing

Plastic filter housings for 5 or 9 cartridges of 20, 30 or 40 inches. The housings are made of PVC-U and conform to European regulations PED 97/23 / EC. Continue…

Self cleaning filter

Self cleaning filter

Self-cleaning filters made of stainless steel 304 or 316L. The filters are equipped with a rotating arm with a cleaning element. Cleaning cycle is activated based on a pressure differential across the inlet and outlet, without interruption to the filtration process.


Filter tanks

Filter Tanks can be provided with multiple filtration layers for the effective removal of pollutants from water. The filter tanks can be provided with valves that flush based on time or by volume.

Ceramic membranes

Ceramic Membranes

A unique product with unique features; hollow fiber ceramic membranes. The ceramic membranes are highly resistant to extreme pH, temperature and pressure conditions. This makes ceramic membranes suitable for many industrial applications. Continue

Stainless Steel membranes

Stainless Steel membranes

Stainless steel membranes are under development and will be available from 2016. The membranes will be available with a pore size of 20 to 5000 nm. Stainless steel membranes can be used in applications under extreme conditions. Very high pressure (> 200 bar) and high temperature (> 350 ° C) are not a problem for stainless steel membranes. Continue..

x100 filter housings

X-100 filter housings

The X100 filter housings can be equipped with filter cartridges or filter bags. The filter housings are made of UV resistant polypropylene. Thanks to the screw cap, cartridges or bags are easy to replace.